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Since year 2012 our Association Yacht Club Sail Away has brought together a group of true and dedicated sailing enthusiasts . As an organization, not the company, we operate non-profit, which means that our intention is no to run a business and therefore we neither intend to earn money. All our efforts focus on promotion of sailing, carrying about the traditions and overall marine education, thus a revenue generated from voyages are solely desired to equip a yacht and to promote activities of Sail Away. Moreover with pleasure and great satisfaction new members are welcomed into the ranks of our Association as we treat it as a measurable success in terms of popularizing this beautiful sport.

We have set ourselves long-term goal to make sailing among Polish people equally popular and eagerly cultivated as skiing or cycling. In the case of France, where this great sport captured the hearts of millions of people, nowadays it is the most sailing-friendly country in Europe. Sailing there is popularised to the extent that the education system provides children and youth who sail with their parents away from their home country (and stationary education) with a special online curriculum.


As a nation we have relatively recently acquired that freedom that no particular border stops us from visiting other countries and we tend to enjoy this freedom as much as we can. Yet in most of the cases the easiest and not very active form of tourism is chosen, which usually is stationary stay in an attractive part of the world.

We would like to show to the Poles and encourage them to a more efficient way to experience the world through sailing which might bring much more satisfaction than before. We would like to instil as much as possible from our passion for sailing because it is not only a great sport, but also a way of life with all its blessings: leisure activities in a close contact with nature among people who have the same passion and/or education of children and youth in a sense of crew community and responsibility for each other during the voyage. So sailing not only involves improvement of individual?s physical and mental condition but also develops the intangible values ??resulting from both close interpersonal relationships and the respect for the power and beauty of nature. None of us will forget this moment from one?s first voyage on a sailing yacht, this satisfaction from the subjugation of natural forces when the wind filled the sails, the yacht glided cutting through the waves and could sail wherever your eyes can bear!

How do we want to achieve our goals?

The most important tool allowing to achieve our ambitious plans of the dissemination of sailing among the Poles is obviously organisation of yacht cruises. Behind the slogan ?cruises organization? there are several options. Yet seeking for an analogy in skiing again, cruises can be either recreational or sporty and it is up to the crew in what kind of cruise they want to participate. Whatever the nature brings, there is always a 2-man crew who watches over the safety and efficient organization of the trip. Recreational cruises, generally speaking, rely on traveling from marine to a different marine, sightseeing of land attractions and swimming in the sea in any proportions.

They are addressed to people who don?t have sailing experience but want to taste moderate forms of activity and at the same time see the world, as well as for families with children who have a chance to learn about life from a different perspective, learn to form relationships with other people under unusual circumstances. These are not just sightseeing cruises, but also learning of the art of sailing, marine safety and the rules of coexistence with others who you just met and have to live with on a relatively small area (which certainly is an interesting and important experience). During these cruises children are treated with a special care by the crew, they take the active part in the life on a yacht and learn how the yacht works. They play and learn at the same time whereas we expect that by the interesting organization of their time on a yacht they will also wish to navigate in the future.

Sporty cruises are organised for sailors who want to hone their skills, test their own strength under the guidance of experienced instructors or get an internship. During these cruises we aim to focus mainly on training and on many hours of practice. We swim hundreds of miles and arrive to ports only to stop for accommodation and supplies. Our yacht BALAOU, model First 47.7, is an excellent unit for sailing with sporty verve in yacht racing (although it also provides a high level of comfort below deck) and therefore is sooooo rarely available in rentals, similarly just as sports cars in car rentals.


S/Y BALAOU is our pride and joy hence we constantly enrich it with new equipment and we take care of the high quality of the whole hardware as it is not only the reason for substantial navigation comfort but also safety. On a deck and below any, even the smallest element is working, because they are constantly being serviced and are under the watchful eye of the owners ? not random people.

The organisation of cruises is an essential way to promote sailing by Sail Away, but we also try to promote our actions through the website and also in particular by writing the photo-blog. We are on Facebook and active in various groups associated with sailing, we take part in the sailing fairs and soon we plan to release a series of sailing guides. 

For sailors who dream of an adventure of their life at the sea we plan to organize events outside the schedule of cruises. These include regattas, participation in the sailing "rallies" on interesting routes and the most important of them is the ARC that stands for Atlantic Race for Cruisers.

We believe that the efforts of organizations such as Sail Away will bring results soon and the Poles will become a sailing nation that seeks for passion, adventure and new experiences not on land but in the sea (maybe not literally in but from our safe yacht ;) ). In order to meet our aims each year we build cruises schedule of sailing in different, often not obvious areas, we adjust the nature of the voyage to the nature and expectations of the crew, we encourage you to upgrade your skills, to train in an accessible form even those who are for the first time on a yacht and lastly we aim to encourage  children to sailing so that they treat it as easy and enjoyable as simple activities such as cycling. Sailing is available to everyone - both 70-year-old and 4-year-old, both for the competitive athlete and a person who does not even know how to swim. And we try to make them as accessible as possible.



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