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Our cruises and yacht on which they are implemented different by standard from the average yacht market offer. When it comes to the organization we can provide you with a comfort whereas fantastic sailing yacht will provide you with an unique experience. Also waters that we have selected in this season are not well known to Polish sailors so that the attractiveness of these cruises is even greater. You can reassure it by choosing our services for one of these expeditions. Prices of cruises, in addition to the standard implementation of the cruise, include few additional features that are not available on other yachts.

The price includes: 

  • accommodation on the sailing boat
  • skipper?s care
  • the realization of the voyage
  • VAT tax

The price DOES NOT include:

  • food and fuel costs
  • port and administrative fees
  • costs of journey
  • final cleaning
  • insurance of the  crew

Attention, please ? there is a very important issue ? the prices of airline tickets!!! The best solution is to buy them a few months before the voyage, because the closer the departure date is, the more expensive tickets are.

The planned routes of voyages are only approximate and may change depending on weather conditions, the condition of the crew and the skipper's decision.  Yacht Club SAIL AWAY reserves the right to change the destination ports on a particular stages as a result of the above-mentioned factors.  The yacht skipper always watches over the safety of the crew and the atmosphere on the yacht.

How to book a cruise?

Once you have chosen a cruise (s) go to the RESERVATIONS. Fill in all fields, deposit an advance payment in the amount of PLN 300, and then download the PDF files listed . Terms of participation must be printed, signed and sent to the address for correspondence.

General organization of the cruise

On embarkation we usually do not sail from the port. Cruise participants will be accommodated at approx. 15.00. Skipper collects so. "Yacht money" in the amount of about +/- 180 EUR per person (for 7 days), which is spent on food, fuel, port fees and administrative. Final cleaning of the boat is 180 EUR per crew. Fee for Transitlog in Turkey and Greece, and the fee for a passport and customs clearance in Israel and Cyprus will be charged separately, and the amount depends on the decision of the administrative authorities of the country.
That day, we make the basic supplies. Skipper also provides basic information about the crew of the boat, safety rules, separates watches and explains the rules of everyday life in this small space.
The cruise begins and ends at designated ports, but the course of the voyage plan is flexible and depends on the weather conditions and the condition of the crew. During the trip, it is possible to provide training to the degree of sailor and yacht skipper.
We are coming to the port where the cruise ends, before the end of the day. Than we complete the entries in the books, we issue an opinion on the voyage and obviously we arrange the evening party. On the last day the crew leaves the ship around 9:00 am, so the next crew can take on board.

What to bring?

The documents
? Passport
? Permission of parents on a cruise - applies to juveniles
? held patents, seaman's book and Print from a cruise reviews, etc.

Equipment - Note: The space on the boat is limited, so do not pack the suitcase! It is acceptable to take a  bag on the rack, but the best is soft bag or backpack that you can roll up and place in a cupboard.

? Sleeping bag or blanket
? Toiletries and 2 bath towels, flip flops under the shower, cream with UV protection factor of at least 30, and preferably 50 (on the water the sun operates much more intense than on land)
? A baseball cap, warm hat for cruises from autumn to late spring, sunglasses (preferably with UV protection and  polarization), sailing gloves will be useful (or bicycle)
? Sailing or rain clothing (jacket and trousers)
? 2 pairs of shoes are essential on a white sole with good grip (black soles will leave marks on deck) boots may be useful
? Bathing suit, fins, mask and so on.
? Sets of clothing both for chilly days or evenings, and on hot days. Basically try to take small amounts to avoid washing. On the yacht it is not possible and in marinas rare.
? For sleeping pajamas (or tracksuit in the colder months)

How to get there?

For place of the voyage  participant must get on his own. Marinas are located in places which can be reached by plane or by using the regular bus routes. We can also assist in the organization of the transport minibus. For further information: citi (airport) of arrival/departure and how to get from the airport to the marina, we will provide you individually by e-mail before you travel.

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